Jupyter Books
2023 J. Büttner: Using GPT-3 for abstract classification in Scientometrics

Can we use ChatGPT3 to classify scientific disciplines? The classification reaches very good results after some finetuning. Read the book

2023 J. M. Schmitz, B. S. Buarque: Introduction to Agent-based modeling for Historians

Part beginner-friendly introduction to core concepts of Agent-based Modeling and Simulation and part introduction to the ABM-aspect of the ModelSEN project. Read the book

2022 L. von Welczeck, L. Weiß: The influence of physicists on the field of SNA

Analysis of information flows and interdisciplinarity in Social Network Analysis (in German) Read the book

2021 M. Vogl: Using the semanticlayertools package

A tutorial that makes use of the software to find research clusters in the MPG Read the book

2021 M .Vogl: The MPG in the SpringerNature SciGraph metadata set

An analysis of MPG publications in a metadata set shows the different temporal publication behaviour of the sections of the MPG. Read the book