Generate reference and citation tree-like graphs

The inital graph is viewed from the side with the requested publication placed in the center of the screen, shown in red. Time ranges from bottom to top, such that newer publications are above the center and older ones below. If viewed from above nodes farer away from the center have more citations.

Hover over a node to show DOI, year of publishing, fields of research and the number of citations according to Dimensions. Click a node to open the publication using it's DOI.

Click and drag inside the window to rotate the graph. Right-click and drag inside the window to move. Scroll inside the window to zoom in or out.

The menu button right next to the sidebar opens and closes the sidebar. Should there be any issues, questions or feature requests, feel free to message Malte Vogl or Robert Egel.

https:/ cited at most times.
The routine makes use of Dimensions Analytics API. Register here for a token. You can also setup a personal credential file. In this case the token field can remain empty.